Nokia Bell Labs

Radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device (CCD), information theory, Unix C, C++… and now working on 5G with truly yours !

Landing in Newark

Landing in Newark Liberty Airport with strong gusty winds. Two benefits: 1. clear view of the NYC skyline, from the One World Trade Center to the Empire Stage Building. 2. missed first landing (only ~1m from the ground) and got another free ride!

Walker Lake

On my way to New Jersey from California: passing over Walker Lake in Nevada.

Tahoe Sunset

Beautiful Sunset on Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor, so peaceful.

Sand Harbour

Sand Harbour on the shore of Lake Tahoe: last stop before arriving in Reno, my final destination.

Lake Tahoe Aperture

Same place with two different apertures: striking difference!

Lake Tahoe Composition

Lake Tahoe: same place, same view with different compositions: do not hesitate to move around, playing with aperture whenever possible. Rule of thumb: if you just stand and shoot, it’s unlikely to be interesting.

Road Trip

Nice road trip from San Francisco to Reno through the Sierra Nevada: beautiful landscapes, amazing views. Definitely need to come back for holidays!

Crossing the Bay

Crossing San Francisco bay on a cold and misty Monday morning: not ideal conditions after ~9 hours flight from Tokyo.

Waikiki Beach

Last night in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach.