Lunch Date

Lunch date with the Canon R6 and an RF 50mm f/1.2L ! I used to own the EF version. Loved the colors and bokeh but using it was quite a pain : it was so hard to focus. This new RF version is a huge improvement: it is so sharp, even fully open. And the […]


Been pretty busy during the past months. Now that things are settled (5G completed, new house, new school for the little one…) I have a bit of free time and can post again :) It’s been a weird season for the cherry blossoms this year. It suddenly got super cold and the blooming is very […]


Picking up something fallen on the tracks.


Been a while! Too busy this summer doing stuff… Back with a few shots from Yurakucho with the 56mm.


Platform 15 in Shinjuku Station.

Kanda Shrine

In my view, some of the best roofs a shrine has to offer in Tokyo! And to that someone who believes Fuji cannot make a decent zoom, look at those shots ;-)

Akiba Bloom

Spring in Japan: cherry blossoms everywhere :)


The famous spot in Suidobashi overlooking the Kanda river and trains towards Akihabara.

Temple Entrance

Entrance of the Tokyo Daijingu, one of my favourite shrines in Tokyo.

Night Temple

Night temple, wide open at f0.95. Love that lens :)