Delicious Curry

Found a nice place serving delicious curry in Shimbashi.

Lunch Date

Lunch date with the Canon R6 and an RF 50mm f/1.2L ! I used to own the EF version. Loved the colors and bokeh but using it was quite a pain : it was so hard to focus. This new RF version is a huge improvement: it is so sharp, even fully open. And the […]


Been pretty busy during the past months. Now that things are settled (5G completed, new house, new school for the little one…) I have a bit of free time and can post again :) It’s been a weird season for the cherry blossoms this year. It suddenly got super cold and the blooming is very […]


Picking up something fallen on the tracks.


Been a while! Too busy this summer doing stuff… Back with a few shots from Yurakucho with the 56mm.


Platform 15 in Shinjuku Station.

Kanda Shrine

In my view, some of the best roofs a shrine has to offer in Tokyo! And to that someone who believes Fuji cannot make a decent zoom, look at those shots ;-)

Akiba Bloom

Spring in Japan: cherry blossoms everywhere :)


The famous spot in Suidobashi overlooking the Kanda river and trains towards Akihabara.

Temple Entrance

Entrance of the Tokyo Daijingu, one of my favourite shrines in Tokyo.