Snow White

Having fun with the 55-200mm in Naeba.

Fresh Powder

Quite a lot of snow to handle that morning in Naeba. The little X-T2 held the cold well.


Windy day on the beaches of Asnelles in Normandy.


The finalization of 5G has disturbed my photo sharing quite a bit… Good memories from Christmas: an excellent Sauternes!

Out to Sea

Fishing boat going out to sea and facing strong waves in Port-en-Bessin. Yes, you’ll have to bear with me for a few posts, I need to share some photos from my winter break back in Normandy :)

Sengen New Year

Picking up Omikuji at the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja (北口本宮冨士浅間神社) or Sengen Jinja for short. Beautiful light for the early afternoon.

Japanese Breakfast

In addition to the uncomfortable pillow, the one thing I do not like that much is the traditional Japanese breakfast we always get in a Ryokan. Just too much of the salty stuff and not enough of the sweet one. Not to mention the lack of coffee.

Good Morning Ryokan

Once a year, a ryokan experience is for me frequent enough as I have problems sleeping with the traditional pillow they usually provide: too hard for me.

Japanese Room

Japanese countryside: where a hotel room is far bigger than most apartments in Tokyo!

Wooden Daruma

The Ryokan we stayed at was full of old stuff gathered from the countryside: here an old Daruma doll. The girls were spooked!