Saturday Shibuya

Early morning stroll around Shibuya.

Fujisan Sunset

The Hakone Skyline offers some of the best views of Fujisan.

Focal Difference

Same spot, same camera, two different focal lens.

Takaragawa Onsen

Back to Takaragawa Onsen, the largest outdoor bath in Japan, lot of snow this time, what a delightful place! My brother and I were alone for most of our stay. I think he was disappointed… ;-) Note that I shot most of these naked, going from one bath to another and it was close to […]

Red Bridge

On our way to Takaragawa Onsen !

Snow Drive

Besides sushis, geishas and pokemons, Japan ought be known for the massive snowfalls that regularly hit the northern parts of Honshu, where it’s not uncommon to witness more than a meter of snow in a day. Shot on our way back from Naeba (the roads were clear the day before).

Snow Tunnel

Awesome motion blur, this time from my little brother in the passenger seat.

Ryokan Food

Staying at a nice ryokan means having a chance to enjoy delicious food always. I just wish they had options for breakfast: I just can’t eat salty stuff when I wake up – I need coffee and bread.

Year End Lights

Marunouchi always features some beautiful lights around the end of the year.

Snow Police

Snowing a lot on the highway: speed limit of 50km/h – these guys were doing 70 and everyone was pacing along !