SAMYANG RF 85 – not good enough

Second part of my adventure with my Samyang lens. I bought a lens station and updated the firmware to the latest version (v2) but still no major improvements: between 1/2 and 1/3 of my shots remain out of focus: slightly at best, quite substantially in the worst cases. I even went to my favourite camera […]

Samyang RF 85mm f/1.4

Back after a long hiatus, and with a new camera : a shiny Canon R6. Given the price of the RF prime lenses for now, I wanted to give the Samyang RF 85mm f/1.4 a try. It’s cheap, reasonably well built and the image quality quite good: love the colors and bokeh. HOWEVER, I have […]

Creamy Bokeh

The Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 Mark II is now my favorite lens and seldom leaves my X-H1: well built, sharp where the focus is done, soft creamy bokeh in other areas, perfect color cast. It reminds me of the 50mm/f1.2L that I had on my 5Dmk3: only smaller, sharper and easier to use (with […]

IBIS Drive

EF 10-24mm on X-H1 on Tokyo roads.

90mm Daijingu

Bringing the 90mm/f2 for a spin during lunch around the Tokyo Daijingu shrine.

Mitakon Vintage

Nothing better than a manual lens with large aperture (35mm/f0.95) and some vintage filter to make you feel awesome with a camera.


With IBIS on the X-H1, even small prime lenses can be stabilized: here the 23mm/f2 handheld at 1/4s.

Night Flower

Large aperture at night with IBIS: thank you Fuji!

Subway Speed

Trying the X-H1 with the 10-24mm to see if IBIS helps… I still cannot go above 1/4s i.e. the same duration as with the X-T2. Just curious if I could, no complaints about the value itself.

Platform Light

Love the light on this JR platform in Tokyo!