This weird guy was humping his bag right in front of the south exit at Shinjuku station.


Back from Disneyland? Most probably…

Snow White

Having fun with the 55-200mm in Naeba.

Snowboard Girl

Snowboard is certainly a way for young women in Japan to display their color coordination and makeup skills – not so much their snowboard skills :)

Waiting for Train

Various people waiting for a train in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Akihabara). Why I am shooting those? Apparently, there is a demand on Shutterstock!

Rainy Ebisu

Rainy Friday night in Ebisu.

Kimono Smile

Two Japanese ladies taking photos in Kamakura.

Beer Girls

What a baseball game in Japan would be without them? Tough job to go up and down the stairs with a keg on their back.

Baseball at 8fps

Trying the 8fps mode of the X-T2… twice as slow at the highest possible: 15fps. What would I do with so many shots? :)

Obi at Starbucks

Only in Japan, obviously.