Greek Restaurants

A few shots taken in Athens, enjoying local delicacies.

Greek Taxi

Just slightly above speed limit, without seat-belt, at night, in a tunnel…

787 Narita

Two shots at different aperture with the Zhong Yi Optics 35mm/f.095: wide open and closed at f/5.6.

Snow White

Having fun with the 55-200mm in Naeba.

Fresh Powder

Quite a lot of snow to handle that morning in Naeba. The little X-T2 held the cold well.

Snowboard Girl

Snowboard is certainly a way for young women in Japan to display their color coordination and makeup skills – not so much their snowboard skills :)

Old Shops

I know I am only repeating myself but in 10~20 years Tokyo (and Japan) will look very different with all these shops disappearing.

Taxi Ride

Trying the 35mm/f0.95 at night: lovely cream bokeh. Which reminds me: I can’t wait for an X-T3 with an IBIS (in-body image stabilization).

Commuting at f0.95

Few shots on my way to work with the 35mm f/0.95. Love that lens!

Late Breakfast

Had to skip breakfast at home this morning due to yearly (and mandatory health check). All that radioactive yogurt made me hungry.