According to the press, we finalized 5G last week, so it was time to drink :D

Greek Restaurants

A few shots taken in Athens, enjoying local delicacies.

Late Breakfast

Had to skip breakfast at home this morning due to yearly (and mandatory health check). All that radioactive yogurt made me hungry.


The finalization of 5G has disturbed my photo sharing quite a bit… Good memories from Christmas: an excellent Sauternes!

Sake Bar

Lovely selection and friendly staff in Takadanobaba: the right glass is filled with water and serves as a reference for how much to pour.

Amour Ebisu

Great Michelin restaurant in Ebisu: Amour. Delicate mix of French and Japanese cuisine which reminds me the excellent Sa.Qua.Na of Honfleur. Worth a try.

Cute Donut

Not that good though – but as expected, to be honest.

Hot Pot

What would be a trip to China without a hotpot? And with some tasty (read, with taste, not saying good or bad) cow stomach…

Seared Tuna

First lunch in Hangzhou: was very hungry and too lazy to go further than the mall – this was one of the few “clean” meals of the week ;-)

Fresh Pasta

New discovery in Kagurazaka :)