Platform 15 in Shinjuku Station.


The Audi RS5 was the only R(S) I hadn’t driven yet so a big thanks to Audi Ikebukuro for the loaner while my car was being serviced.


According to the press, we finalized 5G last week, so it was time to drink :D

ANA Star Wars

Ana 787 with Star Wars colors at the gate in Narita.

R8 Spyder

A bit of fun under the sun – courtesy of Audi Ikebukuro.

Hong Kong Bites

Few pictures form Hong Kong on my way to Sanya with the X-H1. Twice the camera froze and I had to remove the battery to reboot it. Was it the heat and humidity… Japanese summer will tell!

IBIS Drive

EF 10-24mm on X-H1 on Tokyo roads.

90mm Daijingu

Bringing the 90mm/f2 for a spin during lunch around the Tokyo Daijingu shrine.

Mitakon Vintage

Nothing better than a manual lens with large aperture (35mm/f0.95) and some vintage filter to make you feel awesome with a camera.

Akiba Bloom

Spring in Japan: cherry blossoms everywhere :)