Mitakon Vintage

Nothing better than a manual lens with large aperture (35mm/f0.95) and some vintage filter to make you feel awesome with a camera.

South Exit

Still trying the combo of 10-24mm on X-H1 and still unable to go above 1/4s. However, it seems that the hit rate at this limit is higher than without IBIS.

First Sakuras

First Sakuras blooming in Tokyo and this year, no business trip flying me away during the Hanami season – happy, happy!

Lost Tourist

Lost tourist in Shinjuku Station on cold morning in Tokyo.

Gimme Money

Every since they caught disguised Chinese guya posing as Japanese monks to steal money from donors, I cannot help but wonder: is this guy fake?

Shinjuku Station HDR

Not a fan of HDR, but just wanted to show what the sensor of the X-T2 allows you to do with only ONE shot: the dynamic range is high enough to push the dark without much noice increase (unlike on my 5Dmk3).

Station Agent

The 56mm/f1.2 APD is now always on my X-T2. Station Agent is also the first movie I saw with Peter Dinklage, years before Games of Thrones: IMDB.

Shinjuku Station

Few shots from Shinjuku Station with my 90mm lens.


Walking around Kabukicho in Shinjuku: 90mm and X-T2 in hand.

Shinjuku Landscape

New terrace at Takashimaya, looking over Shinjuku Gyoen.