Shikoku Forest

If you come from Europe (like me), you hear forest and you think about lovely trails, relaxing walks for the weekend, picking up mushrooms in autumn, playing under the shadow in summer. When I was a kid we used to go the nearby forest, park the car and just wander around, without realizing that much […]

Sand Castle

Our masterpiece of the summer: 4 floors of awesome :)

Shikoku Restaurant

Very far away from Tokyo, I give you: a little family restaurant in Shikoku. I wonder how the Japanese country-side will look like 20 years from now…

Shikoku Seascape

Getting closer to our final destination after 9 hours drive from Tokyo.

Todoroki Falls

The first fall of apparently many but with two kids, we had to stop there. Already quite an adventure to reach, especially if you don’t like big bugs… Shot handheld at 1/4s with the 10-24mm.