Shibuya Rain

Testing the WR (Weather Resistant) capabilities of the little X-T2 on a rainy day in Shibuya.

X-T2 Limit

Pushing the little Fuji X-T2 to its limits at night: boost mode with 14fps, AF in face tracking mode, minimum shutter speed of 1/200s and very high ISO. The results are impressive, don’t you think?

Saturday Shibuya

Early morning stroll around Shibuya.

Long Exposure Shibuya

A bit of fun in Shibuya with the GX85 and an ND400 filter.

Viron Shibuya

Breakfast at Viron in Shibuya: expensive but you can bring the leftover bread back home. Note the light effect from the GX-85.

Good Morning Shibuya

Meeting a friend and his X-Pro2 for coffee in Shibuya. Again, with my little Lumix :)

Rainy Shibuya

With the typhoon approaching I went to Shibuya with my little GX85 and two Lumix/Leica fixed focal lenses: NOCTICRON 42.5mm/f1.2 and SUMMILUX 12mm/f1.4. Again, very happy with the results this micro 4/3 produces.

Shibuya Crossing

I have always loved rainy days: makes your home more comfortable and gives you great photo opportunities. Took the little GX85 out for a walk together with a 12mm lens. Quite happy with the results.

Shibuya Shoot

Girls having fun in the middle of Shibuya Crossing.

Shibuya Summer

Tokyo is always so hot in the summer… I don’t know anyone who likes it.