Japanese Breakfast

In addition to the uncomfortable pillow, the one thing I do not like that much is the traditional Japanese breakfast we always get in a Ryokan. Just too much of the salty stuff and not enough of the sweet one. Not to mention the lack of coffee.

Good Morning Ryokan

Once a year, a ryokan experience is for me frequent enough as I have problems sleeping with the traditional pillow they usually provide: too hard for me.

Japanese Room

Japanese countryside: where a hotel room is far bigger than most apartments in Tokyo!

Wooden Daruma

The Ryokan we stayed at was full of old stuff gathered from the countryside: here an old Daruma doll. The girls were spooked!

Gunma Countryside

Short escape to the country side, right when a Typhoon hits Japan.

Japanese Countryside

The Japanese countryside and its rice fields in the Gunma prefecture.

Snow Bath

And now, as promised, some pictures shot inside the bath – so relaxing !

Takaragawa Onsen

Back to Takaragawa Onsen, the largest outdoor bath in Japan, lot of snow this time, what a delightful place! My brother and I were alone for most of our stay. I think he was disappointed… ;-) Note that I shot most of these naked, going from one bath to another and it was close to […]

Red Bridge

On our way to Takaragawa Onsen !

Snow Drive

Besides sushis, geishas and pokemons, Japan ought be known for the massive snowfalls that regularly hit the northern parts of Honshu, where it’s not uncommon to witness more than a meter of snow in a day. Shot on our way back from Naeba (the roads were clear the day before).