Sazaedo Pagoda

The Sazaedo Pagoda in Aizu Wakamatsu is particularly interesting because of its double helix ramp, which allows visitors to go up and down without passing each others. Think of it as a DNA strand with the two ramps interlacing each other within the same cylinder – remarkable.

Pretty People Only

Funny side on a bench in Ouchijuku: pretty people only!

Lunch at Ouchijuku

Eating soba at Ouchijuku: leek soba is their specialty – quite good.


Ouchijuku lying along Aizu West Road is a small village nestled among lofty mountains that once flourished as post town in the Edo period. The main road through this village was called Aizu West Road or Shimotsuke Road which played an important role in connecting Aizu Wakamatsu, a castle town in Fukushima Prefecture, and Imaichi […]