Hong Kong Bites

Few pictures form Hong Kong on my way to Sanya with the X-H1. Twice the camera froze and I had to remove the battery to reboot it. Was it the heat and humidity… Japanese summer will tell!

Hot Pot

What would be a trip to China without a hotpot? And with some tasty (read, with taste, not saying good or bad) cow stomach…

Meat Preparation

Chinese chef cutting the meat for a hotpot.


Not the lake, but the streets around the hotel.

Seared Tuna

First lunch in Hangzhou: was very hungry and too lazy to go further than the mall – this was one of the few “clean” meals of the week ;-)

Chinese High Speed Train

High Speed Train experience between Nanjing and Shanghai in First Class. The quality of the service would benefit a lot from cleaning the seats…

Nanjing Railway Station

High speed railway station in Nanjing: huge! What puzzles me though is while all the signs are also labelled in english throughout the station, the ticket office only features Chinese: the displays, the signs and the ticket vending machines are all in Chinese. Very same thing in Shanghai so it must be by design. Why?!

Chinese Taxi

Always a pleasure to ride a taxi in China: smells good & safe driving.