Japanese Countryside

The Japanese countryside and its rice fields in the Gunma prefecture.

Yakitori Night

Yakitori night with two french daddies from the school – good food, good chat.

Ryokan Food

Staying at a nice ryokan means having a chance to enjoy delicious food always. I just wish they had options for breakfast: I just can’t eat salty stuff when I wake up – I need coffee and bread.

Lunch at Ouchijuku

Eating soba at Ouchijuku: leek soba is their specialty – quite good.


Chazuke (茶漬け, ちゃづけ) or ochazuke (お茶漬け) is a simple – some would say lousy – Japanese dish made by pouring hot liquid (tea, soup) over cooked rice with some toppings (pickles, salmon…). Here with mentaiko – yummy !

French Delicacies

Brought to you by TokyoStreetView or TSV for short :)

Oden Time

With the cold weather back in Tokyo, it’s time to enjoy some delicious Oden!

Meat Time

Who said we cannot eat good meat in Japan?

Sushi Making

Sushi in the making by the master !

Taiwan Beer

Last evening in Kaoshiung, Taiwan: enjoying local beverages – Taiwan Beer !