Hot Fire

Hot fire in my house in Normandy with French Royal Lilies and the Lions of William the Conqueror in the background.

Kimono Roboto

Nice expo in the basement of Omotesando Hills in Tokyo: Kimono Roboto.

Park Time

Facing the cold winds on a Sunday afternoon.

Japanese House

Large Japanese house in Happo-En. Looks… very cold – based on personal experience.

Japanese Couple

Young Japanese couple posing at Happoen.

Autumn Colors

Beautiful reds and oranges in Tokyo at this time of the year.

Lost Tourist

Lost tourist in Shinjuku Station on cold morning in Tokyo.

Night Walk

Trying the 56 APD during a rainy night. I wished it was labelled WR (Weather Resistant)!

Tokyo Sunset

The sun gently going to bed just behind city hall in Shinjuku.

Light Tunnel

Beautiful lights in Korakuen for the end of the year.