Hong Kong Bites

Few pictures form Hong Kong on my way to Sanya with the X-H1. Twice the camera froze and I had to remove the battery to reboot it. Was it the heat and humidity… Japanese summer will tell!

IBIS Drive

EF 10-24mm on X-H1 on Tokyo roads.

90mm Daijingu

Bringing the 90mm/f2 for a spin during lunch around the Tokyo Daijingu shrine.

Mitakon Vintage

Nothing better than a manual lens with large aperture (35mm/f0.95) and some vintage filter to make you feel awesome with a camera.

Kanda Shrine

In my view, some of the best roofs a shrine has to offer in Tokyo! And to that someone who believes Fuji cannot make a decent zoom, look at those shots ;-)

Akiba Bloom

Spring in Japan: cherry blossoms everywhere :)


The famous spot in Suidobashi overlooking the Kanda river and trains towards Akihabara.

Temple Entrance

Entrance of the Tokyo Daijingu, one of my favourite shrines in Tokyo.


With IBIS on the X-H1, even small prime lenses can be stabilized: here the 23mm/f2 handheld at 1/4s.