Iidabashi Blossoms

A few random shots of this year’s Cherry Blossoms around Iidabashi, my home.

Night Flower

Large aperture at night with IBIS: thank you Fuji!

Cemetery Hanami

Enjoying being in Tokyo (and not on a business trip) for some new Hanami opportunities, this time with the “boys” in a famous cemetery in Tokyo. Lovely place.

Edogawa Hanami

More than 10 years in Iidabshi and this is my first visit there, just a 20min walk from Iidabashi and one subway stop away: Edogawabashi.

Night Temple

Night temple, wide open at f0.95. Love that lens :)

South Exit

Still trying the combo of 10-24mm on X-H1 and still unable to go above 1/4s. However, it seems that the hit rate at this limit is higher than without IBIS.

First Sakuras

First Sakuras blooming in Tokyo and this year, no business trip flying me away during the Hanami season – happy, happy!

Subway Speed

Trying the X-H1 with the 10-24mm to see if IBIS helps… I still cannot go above 1/4s i.e. the same duration as with the X-T2. Just curious if I could, no complaints about the value itself.

Platform Light

Love the light on this JR platform in Tokyo!

Sushi Night

ZhongYi Optics 35mm/f0.95 at the front, Fuji X-H1 at back: an old Sushi restaurant in Tokyo at night. APS-C + IBIS and fast (manual) lenses, a dream combo coming true for me :)