Lost Tourist

Lost tourist in Shinjuku Station on cold morning in Tokyo.

Night Walk

Trying the 56 APD during a rainy night. I wished it was labelled WR (Weather Resistant)!

Tokyo Sunset

The sun gently going to bed just behind city hall in Shinjuku.

Light Tunnel

Beautiful lights in Korakuen for the end of the year.

Gimme Money

Every since they caught disguised Chinese guya posing as Japanese monks to steal money from donors, I cannot help but wonder: is this guy fake?

Shinjuku Station HDR

Not a fan of HDR, but just wanted to show what the sensor of the X-T2 allows you to do with only ONE shot: the dynamic range is high enough to push the dark without much noice increase (unlike on my 5Dmk3).

Sake Bar

Lovely selection and friendly staff in Takadanobaba: the right glass is filled with water and serves as a reference for how much to pour.

Dragon Soba

Interesting Soba sign in Takadanobaba at night.

XF 55-200mm

Handheld shots at 1/15s with the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS. I have read lots of good things about this “cheap” zoom and it performs indeed well. The image stabilization is good, really good, even better than the Canon 100-400mm I used to have. With the Fuji I can still get sharp shots […]

Takadanobaba Night

Takadanobaba on the Yamanote line: the Atomu stop! Taka