Japanese Room

Japanese countryside: where a hotel room is far bigger than most apartments in Tokyo!

Wooden Daruma

The Ryokan we stayed at was full of old stuff gathered from the countryside: here an old Daruma doll. The girls were spooked!

Traffic Lights

As mentioned earlier, playing with the focus ring of the little Zeiss Biogon is a treat, and here a defocused road while waiting at a traffic light in Tokyo.

Gunma Countryside

Short escape to the country side, right when a Typhoon hits Japan.

Amour Ebisu

Great Michelin restaurant in Ebisu: Amour. Delicate mix of French and Japanese cuisine which reminds me the excellent Sa.Qua.Na of Honfleur. Worth a try.

The focus ring of the Zeiss Biogon 35mm is such a pleasure to use that I often play with it.

Biogon Bokeh

Love how the little Zeiss Biogon (35mm) blurs the background at large aperture.

Rainy Walk

Has been raining non-stop for a few days now in Tokyo.

Ikebukuro Station

Two shots from Ikebukuro Station at night on a rainy day.

Lunch Time

Shinjuku at lunch time, somewhere in the new South Exit.