Motown House

One of Roppongi’s landmarks.

Evening with the Boys

Taking the X-T2 with the 23mm out for a night out in Yurakucho with the boys. A GFX also made an appearance.

XF 23mm f2

Latest addition to my Fuji XF lens collection: 23mm f2 (35mm equiv.). This thing is light, sharp and focuses very fast. Love it. I have always preferred a 35mm as a walk around lens and this one nicely replaces the Sigma ART I had on my 5Dmk3. Now, if only Fuji could start producing VERY […]

Kimono Smile

Two Japanese ladies taking photos in Kamakura.

Boarding Train

Very happy with the bokeh and colors of the XF-35mm f/2. Much lighter than the f/1.4 and focuses so much faster. You too, make the switch!

Little Restaurants

Tokyo is full of little restaurants. I think I read somewhere it has the highest number of restaurants per capita in the world. So of course, it includes some odd ones…

Cute Donut

Not that good though – but as expected, to be honest.


Walking around Kabukicho in Shinjuku: 90mm and X-T2 in hand.

Shinjuku Landscape

New terrace at Takashimaya, looking over Shinjuku Gyoen.

XF 90mm and Dust

I returned the first Fuji XF 90mm lens I ordered because it had dust inside right out of the box. The replacement was clean but look what has happened after 3 months: specks of dust all over – I counted around 20. I am aware this does not affect image quality but for a weather […]