Japanese Shacks

Every Japanese town hosts those: crumbling houses with (very) old people still living in it.

Yurakucho Rain

Testing the weather sealing of my X-T2… Seems ok ! :)

Fresh Pasta

New discovery in Kagurazaka :)

Japanese Countryside

The Japanese countryside and its rice fields in the Gunma prefecture.

X-T2 Limit

Pushing the little Fuji X-T2 to its limits at night: boost mode with 14fps, AF in face tracking mode, minimum shutter speed of 1/200s and very high ISO. The results are impressive, don’t you think?

Yakitori Night

Yakitori night with two french daddies from the school – good food, good chat.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower as seen from Roppongi Hills on a sunny morning.

Tokyo Waterways

Always an odd sight for me: rivers turned into concrete canals with a highway on top.

Night Crossing

Best to look twice before crossing, even in Japan.

Kagurazaka Night

Wide angle, large aperture and close to the ground with the XF 16mm/f1.4 in Kagurazaka at night.