Ryokan Food

Staying at a nice ryokan means having a chance to enjoy delicious food always. I just wish they had options for breakfast: I just can’t eat salty stuff when I wake up – I need coffee and bread.

Purple Date

Nice ambient lighting at the top of the Tokyo Tower: purple!

Tokyo Tower Panorama

Been a while since I went up there, at the top of Tokyo Tower. Nice shot opportunities of Tokyo, especially at dusk.

Tokyo Tower

Very happy with this shot of the Tokyo Tower from the Zojoji Temple. My new favourite one!

Zojoji Temple

Ideally located near the Tokyo Tower, the Zojoji Temple is the main temple of Tokyo’s new year celebration.


In the subway with my Sigma ART 35mm/f1.4 – always looks good.

Toppan Building

Micro 4/3 are convenient to carry and easy to use but my 5Dmk3 still beats them easily in terms of photo quality. Even when shooting random building like this one.

Year End Lights

Marunouchi always features some beautiful lights around the end of the year.

Snow Police

Snowing a lot on the highway: speed limit of 50km/h – these guys were doing 70 and everyone was pacing along !

Bath Time

One of the best part of Japan: the combination of snow and hot spring!