Best Desktop Audio

Now that Spotify is finally available in Japan, I decided it was time to upgrade my computer speakers. After quite some research online, listening tests in Yodobashi camera and an expensive disappointment with a set of Audio Engine HD3 that I imported from US, I believe I found the perfect setup: small enough to fit on my desktop, not too expensive (for the performance) and – above all – producing an excellent sound (detailed without being harsh, powerful without being muddy).

  • Amplifier and DAC: TEAC AI-301DA, connected via USB to my iMAC, wonderful little package all in Aluminium.
  • Speakers: Dali Zensor Pico, took me a while to find the perfect speakers but after listening to them, I was sold. Small footprint but vast impact, the bass quality for the size is simply astonishing.

Upon request, the bamboo accessories you can see are: