Landing in Newark

Landing in Newark Liberty Airport with strong gusty winds. Two benefits: 1. clear view of the NYC skyline, from the One World Trade Center to the Empire Stage Building. 2. missed first landing (only ~1m from the ground) and got another free ride!

Walker Lake

On my way to New Jersey from California: passing over Walker Lake in Nevada.

Tahoe Sunset

Beautiful Sunset on Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor, so peaceful.

Sand Harbour

Sand Harbour on the shore of Lake Tahoe: last stop before arriving in Reno, my final destination.

Lake Tahoe Aperture

Same place with two different apertures: striking difference!

Lake Tahoe Composition

Lake Tahoe: same place, same view with different compositions: do not hesitate to move around, playing with aperture whenever possible. Rule of thumb: if you just stand and shoot, it’s unlikely to be interesting.

Road Trip

Nice road trip from San Francisco to Reno through the Sierra Nevada: beautiful landscapes, amazing views. Definitely need to come back for holidays!

Crossing the Bay

Crossing San Francisco bay on a cold and misty Monday morning: not ideal conditions after ~9 hours flight from Tokyo.

Omotesando Hills

Christmas decorations are out at Omotesando Hills in Harajuku

Volkswagen Beetle

An old Volkswagen Beetle in pristine condition, apparently driven by its original buyer by the look of it.