Coffee Time

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee near Omotesando serves one the best Latte I have ever tasted.

Kei Meguro

Kei Meguro had a short expo in Harajuku last week. If you don’t know Kei Meguro, she’s an artist from Tokyo but now living in New York. Her babe work is quite famous – check I’m happy I was able to get one of her original drawings – love her work.

Sushi Making

Sushi in the making by the master !

Tokyo Morning

Early morning at the office: nice view of Tokyo from the 41st floor of Mori Tower.

Flying EVA

Flying back from Kaohsiung to Narita on EVA Air.

Taipei from Above

Stunning view of Taipei on my way back from Kaohsiung. At the bottom right, you can clearly see Taipei 101. Would have been a perfect picture without the smudge on the window!

Old Advertisment

Old poster in a back street alley in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Taiwan Beer

Last evening in Kaoshiung, Taiwan: enjoying local beverages – Taiwan Beer !

Liuhe Night Market

The Liuhe Night Market is the “tourist” night market of Kaohsiung. The highlight of the market is seafood: there are many stands selling, crab, shrimp, octopus, and squid. Some stands are actually restaurants and you can pick the fresh seafood you want and walk to the back and sit at a table to eat. Sitting […]

Snake Food

Taiwanese delicacy in Kaohsiung: snake soup, snake meat and grilled snake skin. Was actually good! Didn’t notice any of the supposed effects though (read, in the pants area). Two possible explanations: I am naturally very “healthy” or my condition is beyond help ;-)