Panasonic RAW in LR

Adobe Lightroom still cannot properly process the RAW from Panasonic. If it can work nicely with Canon, why such bad results with Panasonic? On the left side the JPEG from Panasonic and on the right side, the RAW file as processed by default in Lightroom. The photo style from the Lumix is “standard”, so there’s no heavy modification of contrast, brightness and saturation. Yet, to get the same result in LR, I need to play with the settings quite a bit. While contrast, shadows, brightness, saturation can easily be changed, the most annoying part is the constant pink tint LR gives to the image: so not easy to correct, so annoying to deal with.





Now you might wonder why not sticking to JPEG? Well, here is the answer: full size crop after +3 on exposure, first the JPEG from the camera, then the JPEG from the RAW in LR. The difference are quite obvious: forget about post-shooting adjustments with JPEG.