Matsuri Faces

Taking the GX85 for a night out. AF tracking of faces works really nicely, even in low light. JPEG are straight from the camera and noise remains ok up to ISO 3000. After that, the denoise produces overly soft pictures. Overall, not too bad for a micro 4/3.

Matsuri Faces-02

Matsuri Faces-01

Matsuri Faces-03

Matsuri Faces-04

Matsuri Faces-05

Matsuri Faces-06

Matsuri Faces-07

Matsuri Faces-08

Matsuri Faces-09

Matsuri Faces-10

Matsuri Faces-11

Matsuri Faces-13

Matsuri Faces-14

Matsuri Faces-15

Matsuri Faces-16

Matsuri Faces-17

Matsuri Faces-18

Matsuri Faces-19

Matsuri Faces-20

Matsuri Faces-21

Matsuri Faces-22

Matsuri Faces-23

Matsuri Faces-24

Matsuri Faces-25

Matsuri Faces-26

Matsuri Faces-27

Matsuri Faces-28

Matsuri Faces-29