Fée Délice

Good Crêpes in Harajuku: Fée Délice – as always, over priced cider though :(

Matsuri Faces

Taking the GX85 for a night out. AF tracking of faces works really nicely, even in low light. JPEG are straight from the camera and noise remains ok up to ISO 3000. After that, the denoise produces overly soft pictures. Overall, not too bad for a micro 4/3.

Shibuya Shoot

Girls having fun in the middle of Shibuya Crossing.

Shibuya Summer

Tokyo is always so hot in the summer… I don’t know anyone who likes it.

Coffee Work

Free wireless, free aircon, good coffee: most coffee shops are very crowded with students, tourists and salary men (the quality of the coffee seems to matter little for the last kind of customer mentioned above).

Special Emas

Kanda Myojin is ~1,300 years old and specializes in pleasing the gods of the geeks : being not far from Akihabara, Kanda Myojin features rather special Emas. Emas are small wooden plaques which are commonly purchased at a Shrine in order to write wishes. But in Kanda Myojin the emas are beautifully made and often […]

Kanda Shrine

One of the few Shrines that survived the WWII bombing, the Kanda Myojin has existed in its current form since 1934 (when it was rebuilt after being burned down by the fires of the Great Kanto Earthquake). Kanda Myojin enshrines three deities: Daikokuten – the god of good harvest and matrimony, Ebisu – the god […]

Yukata Season

The Yukata season is back – yeah !

Yodobashi Parking

In Yodobashi Camera Akihabara, deep underground: a bicycle parking. Fixed price of ¥400 – no wonder it’s always empty.

Shinjuku Parking

Surprisingly old parking entrance right next to JR station in Shinjuku.