GX85 Samples

Some samples from my Panasonic GX 85 (or GX7 mk II as they call it in Japan) equipped with a Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15 mm f/1.7 lens. What a great little camera: compact, solid, sharp, fast AF and lovely bokeh. It will always accompany me during my business trips :) All pictures are JPEG […]

Flowers & Flowers

Shinrin Koen in Saitama is not only a nice park if you have kids, but also if you like flowers.

Photography Setup

Impressive setup for portrait: they were checking the outcome live on the monitor.


Lupins from the Shinrin Koen.

Poppy Flower

Another lovely shot (in my view) from Shinrin Koen: a poppy flower!

Light and Shadows

Probably my favourite picture from our visit to Shinrin Koen: beautiful afternoon light playing with fresh green plants on the side of a deserted path.

Stock Photography

Just three elements short of a perfect shot for stock photography: wrong focus, misplaced chair and no signed model release! :)


Enjoying a coffee, under the sun – well, almost.

ND 1000

ND 1000 filter: 20s exposure in the middle of the day!

Park Date

Young Japanese couple on a date in Shinjuku Gyoen.