Space Mountain

First trip to Disneyland Tokyo with my 135mm and killing time while queueing for Space Mountain. Not too bad a result!


R2D2 welcoming you at the Star Wars ride in Tokyo Disneyland.

Splash Mountain

Had fun snapping those at Disneyland while waiting for my kid to appear :)

Rainy Day

Perfect day to drive to Disneyland. At least it feels safe with AWD!

Kyourakutei Soba

Another visit at my favourite soba restaurant: Kyourakutei Soba (蕎楽亭) in Kagurazaka. This time, I decided not to take pictures of the food, but of the surroundings.

Inokashira Shrine

The Inokashira park contains a small shrine dedicated to Benzaiten. Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is a Japanese Buddhist goddess, who originated from the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Benzaiten is the goddess of everything that flows: water, time, words, speech, eloquence, music and by extension, knowledge! Rumor has it that the park and its shrine should never be […]

Inokashira Park

Some fun at the Inokashira Park in western Tokyo, just a short walk from Kichijoji Station.

Washing Machine

Very old washing machine and yet still being used.


Selfie, selfie, everywhere, always… Social demonstration of anti-social traits!

Japanese Date

Young Japanese couple on a date in Kichijoji.