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Vietnam : welcome to a world where the colours are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane. This world is Vietnam, the latest Asian dragon to awake from its slumber. Nature has blessed Vietnam with a bountiful harvest of soaring mountains, a killer coastline and radiant rice fields, Vietnam is a cracker. Inland, peasant women in conical hats still tend to their fields, children ride buffalos along country paths and minority people scratch out a living from impossible gradients. Vietnam is a nation of determined optimists who have weathered war after war, survived colonialism and communism, and are now getting to grips with the wheeler-dealer world of capitalism. Fiercely protective of their independence and sovereignty, the Vietnamese are graciously welcoming of foreigners who come as guests not conquerors. Don't believe the hype. Or the propagandist party billboards that are as common as statues of 'Uncle Ho'. Believe your senses, as you discover one of the most enriching, enlivening and exotic countries on earth [ref]. Choose a photo gallery below to see the pictures I took in Vietnam. You can use these photos as a travel guide to Vietnam and see some pictures of Saigon and Mui Ne near Phan Thiet. Photos taken with a Canon EOS Digital SLR. At the top of the page you can find a link to the conditions for using these pictures for free. You can also follow me on my Blog or on Twitter. Bon Voyage!
Vietnam Travel : if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, in addition to the pictures below, you can also check a selection of the Best Hotels in Vietnam.
Cho Ben Thanh Photos Cho Ben Thanh Market : this is one of the most interesting places in Ho Chi Minh City. Shopping is good, bargian is a must, but one of the major attraction is the food. Click the image to see my pictures of the Cho Ben Thanh Market.
Fairy Stream Photos Fairy Stream : the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) is a little river that winds its way through bamboo forests, boulders and the dunes behind the village, in parts resembling a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. Click the image to see my pictures of the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne.
Jade Emperor Pagoda Photos Jade Emperor Pagoda : one of the most interesting pagodas in Vietnam, the Emperor Jade is filled with smoky incense and fantastic carved figurines. Click the image to see my pictures of the Jade Emperor Pagoda.
Majestic Hotels Photos Majestic Hotel : the Hotel Majestic is a historic luxury hotel built in 1925 in a French Colonial and classical French Riviera styles. Click the image to see my pictures of the Majestic Hotel.
Mui Ne Photos Mui Ne : northeast of Phan Thiet the coastal road climbs over the slope of a Cham-Tower-topped hill and descends onto the long, sandy crescent of Mui Ne Bay. Click the image to see my pictures of Mui Ne.
Saigon Photos Saigon : Ho Chi Minh City, commonly known as Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam and the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). Following the fall of Saigon in 1975, Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Click the image to see my pictures of Saigon.
Victoria Resort Photos Victoria Resort : with bungalows set in exotic gardens designed in the style of traditional Vietnamese country houses, the Victoria Phan Thiet Beach Resort & Spa is located beside a vast, palm-fringed white sand beach on the South China Sea. Click the image to see my pictures the Victoria Resort.