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Tibet : Shangri-La, the Rooftop of the World, is a rich and beautiful land which has long exercised a siren's hold on the imagination of the travelers. Choose a photo gallery below to see the pictures I took in Tibet. You can use these photos as a travel guide to Tibet and see some pictures of Lhasa, Drepung, Jokhang, Potala, Samye, Sera, Yamdrok Tso and Yumbu Lhakang. All photos taken with a Canon EOS Digital SLR (DSLR). At the top of the page you can find a link to the conditions for using these pictures for free. You can also follow me on my Blog or on Twitter. Bon Voyage!
Tibet Travel : if you are planning to travel to Tibet, in addition to the pictures below, you can also check a selection of the Best Hotels in Lhasa.
Drepung Photos Drepung Monastery : once world's largest monastery with a floor space of more than 200 000 square meters and about 10 000 monks. It was founded in 1416 and later enlarged by the 5th Dalai Lama. Click the image to see my pictures of the Drepung Monastery.
Jokhang Photos Jokhang Temple : built in 647 it has a history of more than 1300 years and is the spiritual center of Tibet with pilgrims coming everyday to honor their deities while murmuring sacred mantras. Click the image to see my pictures of the Jokhang Temple.
Potala Photos Potala Palace : the monastery-like palace was the religious and political center of old Tibet and the winter palace of Dalai Lamas. Potala is composed of White Palace and Red palace. Click the image to see my pictures of the Potala Palace.
Samye Photos Samye Monastery : built by King Trisong Detsen in the 8th century, with the help of Padmasambhava and Santarakshita, the two renowed Indian masters, Samye is the first Tibetan monastery. Click the image to see my pictures of the Samye Monastery.
Sera Photos Sera Monastery : in Tibetan Sera means Wild Rose Garden since opulent wild rose woods once grew around it. Sera keeps a collection of murals in perfect, original condition. The Buddhism scriptures debating is very famous at Sera. Click the image to see my pictures of Sera.
Yamdroktso Photos Yamdrok Tso : it is one of the four holy lakes of Tibet, and legend has it that if the lake ever disappears, it will mark the end of Tibet. The Turquoise Lake, as it is known for its beautiful color, is a non-renewable water source. Click the image to see my pictures of Yamdrok Tso.
Yumbu Lhakang Photos Yumbu Lhakang : located in the center of the Yarlung valley, Yumbu Lhakang is a medieval-European-castle-like structure, reputed as the oldest building in Tibet. It was built by Nyatri Tsanpo in the 2nd century B.C. Click the image to see my pictures of Yumbu Lhakang.