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Spain : major tourist destination, Spain has a lot to offer to the travellers, geographically with immense diversity and, culturally with superb old buildings, from Roman aqueducts and Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals. Choose a photo gallery below to see the pictures I took in Spain. You can use these photos as a travel guide to Spain and see some pictures of : Barcelona, Bilbao and Palma de Mallorca. Pictures taken with a Minolta Dimage F100 and Canon EOS 300D. At the top of the page you can find a link to the conditions for using these pictures for free. You can also follow me on my Blog or on Twitter. Bon Voyage!
Spain Travel : if you are thinking about travelling to Spain then learn spanish and make your experience better! Furthermore, in addition to the pictures below, you can also check a selection of the Best Hotels in Madrid.
Barcelona Photos Barcelona : capital of Catalonia, it is today the largest city on the Mediterranean, and the second most important city of Spain. Barcelona is a great cultural center. The architect Antonio Gaudi built the world famous Sagrada Familia. Click the image to see my pictures of Barcelona.
Bilbao Photos Bilbao : financial and cultural centre of the Basque Country in Spain, Bilbao is home to the Guggenheim Museum, which is along with interesting modern architecture, probably its main attraction. Click the image to see my pictures of Bilbao.
Palma Photos Palma de Mallorca : capital of the island of Mallorca, and of the Baleares Islands, an autonomous region of Spain, Palma's beauty has attracted many famous people in history as well as artists, writers and tourists over decades. Click the image to see my pictures of Palma de Mallorca.