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Japan : whether you choose to relax at a volcanic hot spring resort or climb the Fujisan, contemplate traditional arts or lose yourself in high-tech wonderland, Japan truly is unforgettable destination. Choose a photo gallery below to see the pictures I took in Japan. You can use these photos as a travel guide to Japan and see some pictures of Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Hiroshima, Matsumoto, Miyajima, Fujisan, Enoshima, Kamakura, Takayama, Toya, Izu, Naoshima, Okinawa... All photos taken with a Canon EOS Digital SLR. At the top of the page you can find a link to the conditions for using these pictures for free. You can also follow me on my Blog or on Twitter. Bon Voyage!
Japan Travel : if you are planning to travel to Japan, in addition to the pictures below, you can also check a selection of the Best Hotels in Tokyo. You can also check, my other website, dedicated to Japan & Tokyo, and gathering my Best Photos of Japan.
Tokyo Photos Tokyo : sprawling megalopolis on the coast of Honshu, Tokyo is the capital of Japan and symbol of its success story. At night Tokyo becomes a giant jewel box, a constantly changing display of neon and fluorescent lights. Click the image to see my pictures of Tokyo.
Japanese Themes Themes : pictures I took over the past few years in Japan on various themes such as driving, food, girls, hanami, onsen, railways, sumo... Click the image to see my pictures of Japanese Themes.
Kamakura Photos Kamakura : coastal town in the Kanagawa prefecture about 60km South of Tokyo, Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination offering numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments. Click the image to see my pictures of Kamakura.
Fujisan Photos Fujisan : in Japan, there is a saying : "there are two kinds of fool, the ones who never climbed Fujisan, and the ones who did it twice". Click the image to see my pictures of Fujisan.
Ginzan Photos Ginzan : nestled at the bottom of a narrow valley in Yamagata Prefecture, Ginzan Onsen is a hot sping town that makes you feel as though you have strayed off into a movie scene from a Japanese period adventure film. Click the image to see my pictures of Ginzan Onsen.
Hiroshima Photos Hiroshima : sadly famous for what happened on the morning of the 6th of August 1945, Hiroshima has overcome and recovered from the tragedy to become one of Japan's most dynamic cities. Click the image to see my pictures of Hiroshima.
Hokkaido Photos Hokkaido : literally North Sea Circuit and home to Japan's native Ainu people, Hokkaido represents the untamed wilderness with numerous national parks. Click the image to see my pictures of Hokkaido.
Ikaho Onsen Photos Ikaho Onsen : hot spring resort located in the central part of Gunma, Ikaho Onsen was founded in the 7th century and is famous for its hot spring (which sometimes dyes towels red) and for the long stroll of stairs that runs through the city. Click the image to see my pictures of Ikaho Onsen.
Izu Photos Izu : Izu Peninsula is the kingdom of luxurious Ryokans and is famous for its tortured coastline featuring some superb scenery like the one of Dogashima, and its fertile land where wasabi grows in abundance. Click the image to see my pictures of Izu.
Kyoto Photos Kyoto : capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, Kyoto is in many ways the cradle of Japanese culture. More than sixteen hundred temples and several hundred shrines surround central Kyoto! Click the image to see my pictures of Kyoto.
Matsumoto Photos Matsumoto : gateway to the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto is famous for its splendid medieval castle, the Matsumoto-Jo, a national treasure. Click the image to see my pictures of Matsumoto.
Miyajima Photos Miyajima : one of Japan's three most scenic views. Miyajima (literally the shrine island) is famous for its Itsukushima Shrine, which, together with its large wooden red torii (gate), stands in the ocean during high tide. Click the image to see my pictures of Miyajima.
Naoshima Photos Naoshima : located in the Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima is an island known for its many contemporary art museums (Chichu Art Museum, Benesse House...). The museums and beauty of the island draw many tourists. Click the image to see my pictures of Naoshima.
Nara Photos Nara : as Japan's first permanent capital city - 710 A.D. - Nara occupies an important position in the history of Japan and remains full of historical treasures, including some of Japan's oldest Buddhist temples and the world's oldest wooden structure. Click the image to see my pictures of Nara.
Nikko Photos Nikko : home to the lavishly decorated shrine complex and mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate which ruled Japan for over 250 years. Click the image to see my pictures of Nikko.
Okinawa Photos Okinawa : consisting of hundreds of Islands in a chain over 1,000 km long, Okinawa is Japan's southernmost prefecture. The seas surrounding Okinawa's islands are considered among the world's most beautiful with coral reefs and abundant marine wildlife. Click the image to see my pictures of Okinawa.
Railway Museum Photos Railway Museum : with over 580,000 items on display including 36 carriages and locomotives, the newly open Railway Museum is definitely worth a visit whether you like trains or not. Click the image to see my pictures of the Railway Museum.
Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Photos Hakkeijima Sea Paradise : located at the tip of Yokohama Bay, the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a leisure land home of one of the top aquariums in Japan with 500 different varieties of fish with more than 100,000 sea creatures in all. Click the image to see my pictures of Sea Paradise.
Takayama Photos Takayama : Takayama is a city in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, which has retained a traditional touch like few other Japanese cities, especially in its beautifully preserved old town.. Click the image to see my pictures of Takayama.