Whenever I hold an L series lens, I know Canon was the right choice for me! I started taking photos with a 300D and subsequently owned a 350D, 30D, 40D and a 5D Mark II. Now, I am a happy owner of a 5D Mark III. I have used many different lenses over the past few years but I have now managed to reduce the set to what I consider as the ideal one: 16-35mm/f2.8L, 24-70mm/f2.8L, 35mm f/4, 50mm/f1.2L, 135mm/f2.0L, 70-200mmf4.0L IS and my latest addition EF 300mm/f4L.

Canon Lens Reviews

At the same time as switching to a full-size sensor with the 5D, I also started shooting in RAW. The main benefit of RAW is that it carries 64 times more information than JPEG (14 bit vs. 8 bit). As a result, not only colours and tones are much more accurate, but post processing – e.g. change of exposure – can easily be done without affecting the quality of the photo, something which is not possible with JPEG. So my advice to you : shoot in RAW, always ! Storage limitation is not anymore an excuse :)

Now, while detailed technical analyses of a lens are useful to objectively assess its performance, most reviews unfortunately focus on that aspect only. Lenses are meant to take photos, and photos to be looked at, not measured. So, having owned and now owning a few Lenses, I thought it would be interesting to gather in the form of galleries, typical examples of pictures that those lenses can take, provided that you know how to handle a camera :) Here are my reviews :

By the way, posting these reviews on DPreview got me permanently banned from their forum ! Perhaps I shouldn’t have pointed out how crappy their sample pictures always are.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them ! :)