Goodbye Canon

End of a 15 years era for me: goodbye Canon ! Let’s be honest, I’m not a pro and I’m getting tired of carrying so much weight around. The 5Dmk4 was also a huge disappointment for me: it is lacking some of the basic features I learned to love from my little Panasonic (electronic shutter, a screen you can tilt, very fast AF). I don’t blame the Canon engineers but the old farts in charge of the company. A camera is for me a tool to convey emotion, not a scientific tool to capture light. More pixels, bigger lenses, higher price tags – at one point, it doesn’t matter anymore. Why should I have more fun with a camera (GX85) that costs a fraction of my Canon Gear and in some situation produces even better results (accurate face tracking for one)? So yes, Goodbye Canon. May you release a decent APS-C or micro 4/3 mirorless someday. After all, your L lenses are darn amazing and I shall be missing their color rendering greatly…

One thought on “Goodbye Canon

  1. You are right, taking pictures should be a matter of fun, wherever you find it. And that’s good to hear that it’s not correlated to money. That’s very interesting for me to read that, considering that I’m still a student and don’t have the budget (yet) for these big fancy cameras that I secretly desire.

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